Unique Days丨By Boris Pasternak丨Short poems

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Poems 0143丨Unique Days丨By Boris Pasternak

Throughout the time of many winters
I recall each solstice and its days
Each day unique, unlike another,
Repeated new in countless ways.

Here gradually the days become
A trail of winter snow and hoar
Each day unique, so singular
That time appears to be no more.

I can recount them one by one:
The winter's halfway near its close.
The roads grow sodden, gutters drip.
The sun lies basking in the snows.

As in a dream, the lovers cling
Together in a long embrace;
High in the trees, in warmth again,
The starlings' cages sweat apace.

The arrows of the chiming clock
Now slower, half in slumber move;
Now longer than an age this day.
And longer my embrace of love.

"Boris Pasternak Poems" P. 299
Publishied by The Kent State University Press 1970
Translated by Eugene M.Kayden

©2022 本文来自公众号:经典小诗丨网站:壹书库,永久链接:http://1ebook.store/6615.html

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