THE CONCERT OF HYACINTHS 1丨Odysseus Elytis丨Short poems

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Poems 0102丨THE CONCERT OF HYACINTHS 1丨By Odysseus Elytis

Stand a little closer to silence, and gather up the hair of this night who dreams her body is naked. She has many horizons, many braids, and a fate that untiringly burns each time its fifty-two papers. Afterward she begins again with something else—with your hand, to which she gives pearls that it may find a desire, an island sleep.
Stand a little closer to silence and take in your arms the huge anchor that holds dominion over the sea-depths. In a little while it will be among the clouds. And you will not understand, but you will weep, you will weep that I may kiss you and when I go to
open up a crack in falsehood, a small azure skylight in drunkenness, you will bite me. O young jealous girl of my soul, shadow who gives birth to music under the moonlight

Stand a little closer by my side.

"The sovereign sun selected poems" P. 53
Publishied by Temple University Press 1974
Translated by kimon friar

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