HEN丨Zbigniew Herber丨Short poems

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Poems 0087丨HEN丨By Zbigniew Herbert

The hen is the best example of what living constantly with humans leads to. She has completely lost the lightness and grace of a bird. Her tail sticks up over her protruding rump like a too large hat in bad taste. Her rare moments of ecstasy, when she stands on one leg and glues up her round eyes with filmy eyelids, are stunningly disgusting. And in addition, that parody of song, throat-slashed supplications over a thing unutterably comic: a round, white, maculated egg.

The hen brings to mind certain poets.

"The Collected Poems 1956-1998"
Publishied by HarperCollins 2007
Translated by ALISSA VALLES
Translated by CZESLAW MILOSZ

©2022 本文来自公众号:经典小诗丨网站:壹书库,永久链接:http://1ebook.store/4352.html

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