SAILING丨Xin Di丨Short poems

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Poems 0048丨SAILING丨By Xin Di

The sails are hoisted
To take us toward the setting sun
Brightness and age
Where the wind-blown sails kiss the dark water
Like black and white butterflies.

A bright moon above
A blue snake
Sports a luminous silver pearl
Voices from the mast
Carried by the wind—
Sailors inquiring about the rain and the stars.

From day to night
From night to day
We cannot sail beyond the circle
A circle ahead
A circle behind
An eternal
Boundless circle.

Unload the mists of life
Into the mist and water.

August 1934

"Anthology of modern Chinese poetry" P. 67
Publishied by Yale University Press 1992
Translated by Michelle Yeh

©2022 本文来自公众号:经典小诗丨网站:壹书库,永久链接:

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